Case Study:
GUL Inspection of Refinery Pipelines

Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection of Refinery Pipelines
Petreco Oil Refinery, Red Sea, Egypt
Main Contractor:
Marinetech / Belayim Petroleum
Pipeline Owner:

Equipment Utilised:

  • GUL G3 with Focus Software.
  • Inflatable Rings; from 4 to 32 inch
  • Configuration; 9.0FR, T(0,1)
  • Calibration: Automatic (2135.78 mV)
  • Version: 3.94, Wavemaker G3-83

Purpose of Inspection:

To carry out as much inspection and testing in an eight day period of different types and diameters of pipelines such as road crossings, insulated pipes and those pipelines deemed inaccessible; to determine the general condition of the pipelines and to advise where follow up UT surveys should take place.

In total, almost 3kms of varied diameter pipelines were tested in different and difficult to access locations around the refinery.


  • Approximately 80 GUL shots were carried out on a number of different sized pipelines at strategic points within the refinery. In total around 3kms of pipelines were tested. Areas of concern were highlighted and further nvestigated using standard UT equipment.
  • An excellent overall picture of the condition of the pipelines within the refinery was achieved and follow up inspection and maintenance programs were put in place as a result.

Client Comments:

“What amazed us was the amount of pipeline that was inspected in a relatively short period of time. We could never have inspected almost 3 km’s of pipeline in this period using just standard Ultrasonic techniques. At least this way we were pointed to those areas of concern which was key in maximising our resources.”

Amr Gamal; Engineering Manager of Marinetech