As an example the standard pressure leak test for a small 10” gas main of 3km pipeline we completed for British Gas was as follows:

Normal test procedure

Standard Hydro test for this installation indicated a conditioning time (to allow for pipeline creep), that was over 100 hours.

There was then a test time of 188 hours. Current International standards demanded conditioning plus test time of 288 hours.

14 days x 24 hours =
336 hours

This gives a total test time of 2 weeks at 24 hour days!

APT/PMI test procedure

The APT system was used on day one of pipeline completion. It detected a 0.28scmh, (10 scfh), leak which was then immediately repaired. After the repair, the test proved that there was no leak and the pipeline was put into commission straight away.

No second test was required.

Saving =
278 hours

Time saving was calculated at 278 hours. This included the pipeline repair!

In all we saved almost all of the original two week test time.

  • 90%+ Cost Savings
  • 95%+ test time saved
  • 95%+ resource saving
  • 99% improved Environmental impact
  • 99% saving on logistics and transportation
  • 90%+ saving on pipeline conditioning time
  • Instant certification means no downtime
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