Advanced Pipeline (pressure) Testing (APT)
Acoustic Advanced Pipeline Testing (AAPT)

We found that there was no testing system currently available anywhere in the world that could accurately measure and detect pipeline leaks on major pipeline installations very accurately and in an acceptable time frame resulting in major cost, resource and environmental savings to each project.

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  • 90%+ cost savings
  • 95%+ test time saved
  • 95%+ resource saving
  • 99% improved environmental impact
  • 99% saving on logistics and transportation
  • 90%+ saving on pipeline conditioning time
  • instant certification means no downtime

It is extremely difficult to accurately measure leakages on large pipeline volumes during pre-commissioning and pressure testing.

Often testing of costly new small and large volume pipelines would take weeks if not months to perform using traditional methods.

APT changes all this!

We have developed a revolutionary new type of pipeline testing method that eliminates much of the downtime and massive costs associated with the old and traditional methodology of pipeline testing.

A huge reduction in manpower and in equipment resources, resulting in the most advanced and efficient pipeline testing procedure available today.

The APT system uses state of the art computer systems and software to make all of the intricate but necessary calculations/computations while delivering an immediate result for the user.

Our pressure testing software has built in creep compensation algorithms, based on known knowledge of all pipeline material behaviour.

HVL are looking to license this product to individual companies who show interest in saving vast amounts of money, time and resource on their pipeline projects while improving their environmental impact and awareness.

We are looking for Global Partners.