Case Study:
Pipeline Inspection using GUL

Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection of Refinery Oil Feed Line
Petreco Oil Refinery, Red Sea, Egypt
Main Contractor:
Marinetech / Belayim Petroleum
Pipeline Owner:

Equipment Utilised:

  • GUL G3 with Focus Software.
  • Inflatable Ring ; 12 inch diameter
  • Configuration; 9.0FR, T(0,1)
  • Calibration: Automatic (2135.78 mV)
  • Version: 3.94, Wavemaker G3-83

Purpose of Inspection:

A number of test areas along the length of the pipeline were tested to check for corrosion and / or erosion. Any areas of concern as identified with the GUL equipment were followed up by carrying out thickness checks using standard UT thickness measuring equipment.


  • In total ten GUL shots were carried out at strategic points with an approximate coverage being achieved of over 1km.
  • Areas of concern were highlighted and further investigated using standard UT equipment.
  • An excellent overall picture of the condition of the pipeline was achieved and follow up inspection and maintenance programs were put in place as a result.

Client Comments:

“The professionalism of the team gave us great confidence in the way this project was carried out and the results achieved. We were sceptical about introducing new technology onto this program but it has in fact saved us a great deal of time and effort..”

Hassan Ahmadein; Director of Marinetech

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