Our Promise:

  • Huge cost savings, typically testing procedures can amount up to 10% of the value of the pipeline, for a major pipeline this can be many $m’s/£m’s.  APT will offer cost savings of 90%+ over these traditional methods and costs.
  • Up to 95% saving on test time. Instant results and certification means major time savings
  • Huge savings on resource means savings per test of 95%+ on manpower and equipment
  • Environmentally friendly (no water or additional chemicals or energy generation needed)
  • Eliminates logistical and transportation problems associated with hydrostatic testing in remote locations
  • Incredibly fast and accurate testing of all pipelines
  • Elimination of long pipeline conditioning times
  • User friendly windows based software which can be pc, laptop or tablet based operation and sent directly via sim/gps to a central operation or control
  • Simple hardware installation fully atex approved and intrinsically safe for all environments. Can also be provided fully waterproof.
  • Automatic test certificate generation
  • Instant leak discrimination
  • Truly non-destructive
  • Very easily transportable in suitcase sized carrying container, (truly modular)
  • Very robust using tough site performance components and Toughbook type laptop or dedicated hardware
  • Conventional tests mean that two or even three tests may be necessary causing severe downtime delays, this is eliminated using our system
  • Improved reliability over conventional methods

For more information on any of the above or for details about other services we can provide, please contact us directly using the contact details below.